Yuichiro Tokuda

Crossing Colors

by Yuichiro Tokuda Ralyzzdig

Released 2019
Goodnessplus Records
Released 2019
Goodnessplus Records
Jazz from Japan
"There is no band to play a comprehensive Jazz like them anywhere in the world so far. Masterpiece." ~ CD Journal Magazine (2013 Japan)
"The perfect blend of jazz fused with rock styles makes for truly the most appealing cross-genre grooving music. You might be wondering why we would feature him here.... Well, because his music is AMAZING. Open your ears and your mind and listen to any one of his songs." ~ NEO Magazine (2012 New York)
"Unmistakably their play is careening to the future while digging today's jazz space."
_Jazz JAPAN Magazine.
"The new standard! The sound which is roused from races and bloods. Definitely the best masterpiece." _Jazz Life Magazine.
"Yuichiro Tokuda who continues the music which he believes on the world stage has an infinite possibility. " _Jazz JAPAN Magazine.