Yuichiro Tokuda


"The cutting edge of the present progressive form of Jazz" Jazz Life Magazine (2007 Japan) "Masterpiece", throughout the album, that’s it!!" ~ CD Journal Magazine (2010 Japan)

"70 minutes powerful album!!" full of the enthusiasm and very unique tone and play style." ~ Jazz Life Magazine (2010 Japan)

"Imagination" is enormously impressive and definitely as excellent work as I assure it is ahead of a couple generations." ~ CD Journal Magazine (2010 Japan)

"The perfect blend of jazz fused with rock styles makes for truly the most appealing cross-genre grooving music. You might be wondering why we would feature him here.... Well, because his music is AMAZING. Open your ears and your mind and listen to any one of his songs." NEO Magazine (2012 New York)

"Unmistakably their play is careening to the future while digging today's jazz space." ~Jazz JAPAN Magazine (2013 Japan)

"There is no band to play a comprehensive Jazz like them anywhere in the world so far. Masterpiece." CD Journal Magazine (2013 Japan)

"The new standard! The sound which is roused from races and bloods. Definitely the best masterpiece." ~ Jazz Life Magazine (2013 Japan)

   "Yuichiro Tokuda who continues the music which he believes on the world stage has an infinite possibility. " ~ Jazz JAPAN Magazine (2013 Japan)

"It rocks my heart like a wind of one. It is neither gusts nor breeze. It is comfortable, but it is not just that, it has strength. This balance is exquisite. From Normandy to the universe, this wind keeps blowing everywhere." Jazz JAPAN Magazine (2018 Japan)

"Contemporary jazz with its overwhelming energy and rich lyricism will not leave my ear once I hear it ...The real "sound" in the music is because what he learned in real experience will be reflected. He is a minstrel who travels the world and is a realist."  ~Jazz JAPAN Magazine (2018 Japan)

"In addition to the conventional jumping drive feeling, he will also show landscape observations in foreign countries, ethnicism which can tighten our hearts, hand clapping used for flamenco, and his sweet vocals. Looking for new grounds, keeping the spirit of nature but powerfulness, you can see the holding as a band that has always challenged growth and change. " Tower Records Magazine/intoxicate (2018 Japan)

"This is the dream team back up band for any producer or engineer."

"Any modern Jazz fan who missed this band missed the best performance of the festival."

From CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK 2013 (CMW) official web magazine "The Scene Magazine"

Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG was awarded CMW 2013 No.1 Best Performance Point "9.8" from more than 1000 bands.