Yuichiro Tokuda

Featured This Week On The Jazz Network Worldwide: International Saxophonist Yuichiro Tokuda with multiple releases “Wind”, “Crossing Colors” and “All-Time Best” 2006-2018 with goals for new relationships with US audiences.

International musician/label owner “Yuichiro Tokuda” spreads the seeds of music on US soil and worldwide, with his new website and releases “Wind”, “Crossing Colors” and “All-Time Best” 2006-2018 on GoodNessPlus Records. 

"RALYZZDIG" is mixed original word of "RAY, LYRIC, JAZZ and DIG” It means "to dig into Jazz that sends out a hot ray and touches the heart with lyrics”. Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG musicians are, Yuichiro Tokuda: alto/sopranino sax, vocal, composition, Naoto Suzuki: guitar, Shunichi Yanagi: piano, Tomoya Ohgaki: bass, and Yuto Maseki on drums.

After studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Yuichiro returned to Japan forming his own band "Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG”.  His first album was acclaimed as "the cutting edge of the present progressive form of jazz" in Jazz Life magazine.  

“Jazz is continuously growing within me, for my influences come from my worldwide travels. I get inspiration from people, language, landscapes, soil, air, food, whatever comes naturally to me. I combine those impressions, and create through my Japanese culture my musical art, and through my memories in my life” says Tokuda.

Having received an award, as the first time ever for a jazz artist, the ”New Face of the Year in Art & Culture” from the Chiba-City Government.  He and his band have performed more than 50 stages all over the world.  His original songs received "Finalist" & "Honorable Mention Award” in International Songwriting Competition 2010, 2012 & 2013 Jazz Category.

“Innovatively progressive, contemporary jazz feel of presentation is what I hear.  Jazz being an international language, there is no question as to why Yuichiro Tokuda looks to plant musical seeds in American soil.  As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, he became equipped for the call for the music that was beating in his heart and soul” says Jaijai Jackson of The Jazz Network Worldwide. 

Having performed many international jazz festivals as well as prestigious international awards of achievement, Yuichiro Tukado’s new CD entitled “Wind”, “Crossing Colors” and “All-Time Best” 2006-2018 is the latest offering of his musicianship. 

Tokuda founded/owns and operates his own record label GoodNessPlus Records since he was 25. GoodNessPlus Records has released10 artists/bands and 20 albums to worldwide audiences, both (CD & digital music). Two more upcoming artist projects to be released in July and August.

Early in May, Yuichiro’s band performed at the World Youth Jazz Festival in Malaysia on International Jazz Day and then traveled on to Japan and Malaysia to continue their current tour schedule.  Some of his goals are to perform at the Monterey Jazz Festival and Newport Jazz Festival as well as events that are open to booking artists from across the world and integrating it into today’s cultural musical presentations.

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