Yuichiro Tokuda

Yuichiro Tokuda - Saxophonist, Leader of RALYZZDIG

RALYZZDIG is the Japanese Jazz band established by Saxophonist Yuichiro Tokuda in 2004.

People say this band is, "the cutting edge of the present progressive form of jazz" ~ Jazz Life magazine.

"RALYZZDIG" is mixed original word of "RAY, LYRIC, JAZZ, and DIG”
It means "to dig into Jazz that sends out a hot ray and touches the heart with lyrics".

Yuichiro's Sax & Naoto's Guitar "The perfect blend of jazz fused with rock styles" ~ NEO Magazine (2012 New York)

Yuichiro sings Japanese traditional folk song with a Jazz arrangement that creates a lyrical landscape. You can see the Japanese tradition in jazz.

Yuichiro Tokuda's "RALYZZDIG" is powerfully active in Worldwide Jazz Festival from 2011.

He traveled with His Band "RALYZZDIG" to Asia, Europe, Canada more than 13 countries, 35 cities, 50 stages from 2011 to 2018.

Now is the destined season to venture into the US, exploring the chance to bring his music and band to the US festival stages.

"Being featured on The Jazz Network Worldwide is an honor and look at it as an opportunity to carve out the road to the US" says Yuichiro.

Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG musicians are...

Yuichiro Tokuda : Alto/Sopranino Sax, Vocal, Composition

Naoto Suzuki : Guitar

Shunichi Yanagi : Piano

Tomoya Ohgaki : Bass

Yuto Maseki : Drums